Back Off, I’m A Goddess!

I actually have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says this, “Back Off, I’m A Goddess”.  It makes me so happy to have it there.  It is a second generation sticker since the first one met an untimely death thanks to the elements of Texas heat and old age.  Most of the time, I forget it is even there, but every now and then someone will drive past me and give me that look of righteous disdain or a thumbs up, and I know that I have sort of given them something to talk about for that day.

I was doing a little research about the topics for blogs that currently exist, and while many are funny and tongue in cheek sarcastic, something that I can fully appreciate, there are many more that are promoting a lifestyle that is so idealistic that I have a hard time believing them.  I see all the positive affirmations that people, myself included, put on their Facebook Timeline.  Do you know why I post them?  I post positive thoughts and statements so that I don’t forget them!  I would love to say that I always nurture my own soul first, that I never, ever have expectations or get attached to outcomes.  Or that I don’t gossip, judge, get jealous or insecure.  Lies, lies, lies! Those would all be lies.  So, this blog is not about me sharing with you about how perfect I am at being human.  It is about me sharing my own little quirky perspective about myself and everyone who touches my life in some way.  I teach yoga, I am a feng shui consultant and I love to write.  I love to communicate and share and inspire.  I meet a lot of people, and while I rarely remember their names, I do remember their struggles.  I remember the pain that they shared or released though their work, and most of all,  I remember that I am only able to show them the way because I just came from there.

I was talking to a friend of mine for almost two hours the other day.  We hadn’t actually spoken since she visited me here in Austin before moving to Florida.  We were being bombarded with the evening tasks of single-parenting and trying to do three things at once, when she said that she always wonders why I don’t have a blog because she loves all the stuff that I post on my Facebook page.  I was like, “I do have a blog, for my Feng Shui business.”  And she was like, “Yeah, but I want to read a blog of you just being you.  I would read that every day!”  So, that is how this blog was born.  If you like it, you can thank my pal Carrie in Florida.  Or you can blame her, the choice is yours.  I have no idea what I am going to write about each time that I open up my screen.  I just know that I have been looking for my writing “voice” for most of life, and have tried to conform to what was expected of me.  I failed at that, but this voice sounds like me.  This is me being me.  If you like it great. If you don’t, then in the spirit of the folks from Big Bang Theory dealing repeatedly with the idiosyncrasies of Sheldon, feel free to “Go Away.” : )