Sometimes the things we need most, the little things, are the ones that come from complete strangers.  I was having a semi-hectic day as I left the Denver Art Museum last Monday.  I had tried to start my car and and the battery stalled.  I had just gotten out of my car again to see if I could find the source of the problem when a dark haired woman walked by, smiled at me and with the sweetest British accent said, “Hello Goddess!”  I paused for a moment, confused, and then I felt my face light up with a giant smile as I realized she was referring to my “Back off, I’m a Goddess” bumper sticker.

She kept walking and I got back into my car, frustration forgotten.  I turned the key and the engine fired up; my mood instantly changed.  Life is full of chance encounters, and people who inadvertently pull us back from the proverbial ledge.  We never know how one little thing we do or say can make a difference in another person’s life.  The best moments are like this one, spontaneous, organic and recognizable.  I am quite certain that I will never see that woman again, but it doesn’t matter because I will never forget how her words shifted and lifted me when I needed a boost.

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